Yelp Business Page Redesign

Build a More Efficient Experience

The goal of redesigning Yelp business page is to increase the efficiency and understandability of the business page, as well as to confirm it to iOS 9 guidelines.

Understanding the Problem

I spend some time researching and collecting information about peoples’ thoughts on the business page of Yelp.

I talked to people and asked them about what are the most important things they want to know on the a detail page of a restaurant or a service. What is the most important factor to decide on a service. And whether they can easily find this information in Yelp detail page. I try to understand where is the room for change.

  • Your run-of-the-mill, everyday person will not write a review. I asked participants whether they had ever written reviews on Yelp. All said no, except when they either had a really good experience or a really bad experience.

  • The drag to see pictures feature should be made more obvious.

  • It’s inefficient to get the best recommendations from users’ reviews, especial when there are hundreds of reviews.

  • It’s confusing between writing a review and leaving a tip.

New Design
First Screen of the Yelp Business Page
Other Parts of the Yelp Business Page