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2015 Fall


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These projects involved with data visualization came from three courses this semester: Principles of Interactive Design, The Computer as an Expressive Medium and Local Data Studio.

Through these projects, I learnt how to look at data to discover what it contains, how to capture those ideas in conceptual models, and then to feed my understanding back into the organization of my projects.

#1 Autism Organization Search

This project is based on a traditional autism organization search engine, which is very inefficient and frustrating to find organizations nearby.

Thus, I’d like to make it easier for autism-affected families to find nearby autism-related services and support. This is one reason for "Autism Organization Search".

On the other hand, according to my research, people have little awareness for the autism organizations. Thus, I’d like to give the public an awareness that autism is a serious social issue in United State, and thousands of organizations are engaging in this issue.

Document: Process Book (including background, competitor analysis, user testing etc.)


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#2 Fulton Poverty Observatory

This project is to help people learn poverty changes in our poor neighborhood in Fulton County. Compared to normal analysis for just one type of poverty tract, my project is based on four specific types of poverty tracts according to their poverty changing trend and degree during the last decade. By analyzing the demographic and economic changes in Fulton County. Interactors are able to explore the reasons leading to poverty and figure out the most effective measures to alleviate poverty in this area.


Document: Project Statement (including background, feature, limitation etc.)


Key Pages
#3 “I Remember” Poems about City Impression

In my project, I would like to combine “I remember” poems with the city impression. In this way, it could help interactors to learn a city through others’ memories. We know memory always reflect the most impressive thing left in peoples’ heart. So compared to the normal introduction of a city, a memory about this city is much more interesting and meaningful. This kind of “I Remember” is like a city photo, providing a much more pleasure experience to learn this city.