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Front-end Develop

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2012 - 2014


MVC Pattern

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TQS is a free online questionnaire platform provided by Tencent Company.

Its responsive design allows this system to be operated in various devices. On the other hand, it increases users' efficiency by providing mutilple templates designed by user research experts. Moreover, the function of real-time data analytics allows you to make data-driven desicions.

Up to now, almost 2,029,239 users are using TQS.

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My Responsibilities

I participated in the project from scratch and witnessed its growth. I led the front-end development and contributed to the design process.

I applied MVC patterns, with the assistance of backboneJS. I decided to use this front-end architecture, because almost all the operations in the editing page should be processed in only one page.

With the growth of this system, I made some improvements to increase its performance. For example, in order to handle with some extremely long surveys, I conducted an optimization of data structure to reduce its size. Compared to the older version, the data size of new version had been reduced by about 80%. In this way, the limitation in database will not be exceeded by the data size of long surveys and the responsing time dropped sharply when requesting a survey's data from the server.

New Version of Data Structure: Json File

Project Interface
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As a product manager for several years, she is an so excellent technical personnel. Wether the result or the attitude, she is perfect. Sometimes she is even more considerate in product-related aspects.

Tiejun Fan - Product Manager

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She is commitment and responsible, responding positively to various feedback. Cooperating with her is enjoyable.

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