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Groceries Delivered by your GT Neighbors

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Product Design

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AT&T Hackthon

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2015 September



Rapid Prototyping





Groceries shopping can be a huge hassle for students who have busy schedules or mobile disability. Our app BuzzNow aims to solve this issue by creating a platform where students can help each other shop. Besides, it makes shopping a social and fun experience. By offering and receiving shopping help, students get more chances to meet their GT neighbors and start building strong connections within the community.

One-day Project Process
Targeted Users
  • College students living in dormitory who don't own a car.
  • College students who are busy in their academic examinations or other things.
Problems Defined
  • It's always troublesome for college students without a car to go shopping.
  • It's inefficient to drive, market and wait in line for students who have only a few things to buy.
  • It's confusing to bring stuffs for other friends if the shopping list is not clear.
  • It's time-consuming to calculate the cost if helping others bring some stuffs.
The Challenges & Solutions
  • a lack of shoppers to finish the requests for shopping
    1) Shoppers will be paid by tips to improve their motivation;
    2) A ranking list will be used to increasing exposure in the community.
  • how to make a specific shopping list
    Solutions: We provide an advanced search autocomplete function based on Supermarket API. In this way, buyers can make shopping lists with complete products' information like names, brands, pictures and etc.
  • how to set up a trust relationship between buyers and shoppers
    Solutions: We require buyers and shoppers to use their GTID to register our system.
User Task Flow

Task flows helped us to think through the design, before a feature is actually developed. It helped us to interject the user into the flow of the application, and determine if the conceptual model agrees with the user model.

BuzzNow Prototype
BuzzNow Prototype
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The Outcome
In order to have a better understanding of this project. Please see this part on PC.